The child health clinic

Office location:     Rådhuset, Rådhusplassen 1, 5580 Ølen

Opening hours:     08:00 - 15:30

Tel: 53 65 55 60

Mailing address:  

Vindafjord kommune, Helsestasjonen

Rådhusplassen 1, 5580 Ølen

Unit leader: Maren Tjelmeland Hustoft 

You are welcome to contact the Child Health Clinic with questions about


  • Various aspects of physical/mental health

  • Vision and hearing tests

  • Vaccinations based on the state vaccination program

  • Guidance about nutrition, sleep, motor functions, life enjoyment, language, growth and development

  • Guidance about family interaction and questions related to parental roles, children and adolescents

  • Guidance for new citizens, refugees and other immigrants

  • The adolescent health clinic

  • Adolescent relationships and sexual prevention, guidance for young people under 20 years of age

  • Infectious disease prevention (tuberculosis/influenza vaccines)

  • Groups - Parental Guidance Program 


 The midwives' areas of responsibility are:


  • Health checks and guidance for pregnant mothers

  • Courses on become a parent

  • Neighborhood maternity groups


For work done by Child Health Clinic workers, these rules apply:


  • We base our work on the Norwegian Community Health Care Services Act

  • Most of our work is related to the Child Health Clinic's program for children and adolescents 0-20 years of age

  • We work in a goal-oriented fashion to hinder health and social problems arising



Other information:


  • There are doctor's offices in Vikedal, Ølen and Skjold

  • The doctors at the Child Health Clinics along with family doctors are our closest collaborators

  • Nurses have fixed visiting hours at all primary and upper secondary schools

  • We work across disciplines to promote the best interest of children and adolescents

  • Open Health Clinic: Thursday 13:00 - 15:00






PLEASE NOTE!! Appointments should be made in advance by telephone since we are often on home visits, at schools, etc.



Please call us between the hours of:

8:00 - 10:00 and 14:30 – 15:30


Vindafjord kommune
Rådhusplassen 1,
5580 Ølen
E-post :
: 53 65 65 65

: 53 65 65 66
: 988893226
: 3207.30.01799
: 1160
: 08.00-15.30