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Educational and Psychological Counseling Services, PPT


Office location:  Rådhuset, Rådhusplassen 1, 5580 Ølen

Opening hours: 08:00 - 15:30

Tel.: 53 65 57 10


Mailing address: PPT, Etne & Vindafjord,

Rådhusplassen 1, 5580 ØLEN

Unit leader: Liv Ingunn Heie Medhaug



You are welcome to contact PPT with questions about special challenges in learning and education:


  • Learning difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics

  • Language/communication difficulties

  • Concentrating/attention difficulties

  • Psycho-social problems

  • Vision impairments

  • Hearing impairments

  • Difficulties with motor skills

  • Problems with bullying

PPT's most-used working methods are:

  • Primary evaluation, testing

  • Recommendations for special education/special help in learning

  • Guidance for municipal employees

  • Guidance for parents

  • Additional referrals to 2nd and 3rd level services, like BUP and Statped

Other information:

  • We work according to the Norwegian Education Act

  • PPT is for children 0-16 years of age, and for adults

  • Adults with difficulties reading and/or writing who wish for help may contact us

  • There is one PPT contact person for each day-care institution and each school. Our goal is prevention, along with creative and constructive intervention prior to a notification of concern being necessary

  • Parents may also meet the PPT contact person

  • Cooperation with health clinic nurses for 3-year olds

  • PPT fulfills a supervisory function for children at day-care institutions, schools and for adults pursuant to the Norwegian Education Act


Vindafjord kommune
Rådhusplassen 1,
5580 Ølen
E-post :
: 53 65 65 65

: 53 65 65 66
: 988893226
: 3207.30.01799
: 1160
: 08.00-15.30