Child welfare services

Office location: Rådhuset, Rådhusplassen 1, 5580 Ølen

Opening hours: 08:00 - 15:30

Tel: 53 65 56 00

Mailing address:

Vindafjord kommune, Barnevernstenesta

Rådhusplassen 1, 5580 Ølen

Unit leader: Dan Jørgen Eide


You are welcome to contact the child welfare service with questions about


  • Challenges to parenting roles

  • Family interaction conflicts

  • Children/youth with behavioral problems

  • Children/young people with emotional problems

  • Children and/or parents with drug or alcohol problems

  • Families with limited personal and professional networks

  • Children of mentally ill parents

  • Failure-of-care issues/abuse

  • Adolescent under 18 years of age with drug or alcohol problems

  • Violence at home

  • Sexual abuse/incest

  • Criminality issue


Initiatives most used by the child welfare services are:


  • Parental guidance and counseling

  • Social workers or milieu therapists who  work in family homes

  • Visitation homes

  • Family relief work

  • Personal support contact persons

  • Day-care space and after-school recreational programs available

  • Economic support

  • Foster homes as relief measures

  • Interaction teams/Responsibility for coordination

  • Guidance for municipal employees etc.

  • Further referrals to: BUP, BUF, Family Counseling Services office etc.

  • Transfer of custody rights


Other information:


  • We work according to legislation laid down in the Norwegian Child Welfare Services Act

  • Work done by the Child Welfare Services is a mixture of support and control functions

  • Measures must be carried out in the child's best interest

  • The Child Welfare Services has the special task of caring for the children with the biggest challenges

  • All notifications of concern are handled as quickly as possible, no later than one week after it was reported. If necessary, a detailed examination will be carried out within 3 months and any necessary measures will be initiated

  • Most measures are considered voluntary

  • Transfer of custody is seldom used as intervention; as a rule it is best for a child to grow up in his or her own home


Parents, municipal employees, neighbors and others are welcome to contact us for guidance or to discuss any question.





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