Welcome to Vindafjord

Vindafjord is a municipality located in the heart of the Haugalandet. Haugesund is the closest city.

Ølen is the centre of the area, but Vindafjord has several villages with lots of opportunities for recreation and sightseeing.

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General information

The municipality (created in 1965) is named after the Vindafjorden, a fjord that runs through the eastern part of the municipality. The first element is probably derived from the verb vinda which means "turn" or "twist" referring to the sharp turn of the fjord at Dragneset.

The slogan for Vindafjord Kommune is "Vital and Central"

There are 9 villages

  • Ølen
  • Ølensvåg
  • Bjoa
  • Vikebygd
  • Skjold
  • Vats
  • Sandeid
  • Vikedal
  • Imsland

The municipality has a total of 8.765 citizens in 2015. 

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 Contact: Advisor Liv Tokerud, Tlf:  53 65 65 36   

  • Vindafjord has 9 primary schools.
  • All primary and upper secondary school pupils have the right to a good physical and psycho-social environment that promotes health, enjoyment and learning.
  • Some pupils have the right to special teaching, and PPT will give advice and guidance regarding this.
  • Some children have the right to be taught Norwegian as a second language and to be taught their native language.
  • Vindafjord also have 2 high schools
    - Ølen Vidaregåande Skule
    - Lundeneset VGS


Vindafjord kommune
Rådhusplassen 1,
5580 Ølen
E-post : postmottak@vindafjord.kommune.no
: 53 65 65 65

: 53 65 65 66
: 988893226
: 3207.30.01799
: 1160
: 08.00-15.30